Corsica vacation - holidays Corsica

Corsica vacation -  holidays Corsica

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The Residence Monte Marina

The ’Ile de Beaute’ is an island full of surprises; on arrival you are suddenly aware of the difference between the island and mainland France. The Corsicans are a people rich in traditions – proud, hospitable and generous. Move away from coast and you will find a way of life that is essentially Corsican. Corsica’s rich and chequered history manifests itself around every corner.You arrive at the Hameau Monte di Marina Holidays Residence driving along the sea and... Coming from Bastia the entrance to the residence is 30 meters after the panel "Tarco. Gate, a remote control is provided to each resident upon arrival. Availability

Visit the residence
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Reception View from the parking A residence in a lovely green park

You reach the parking lot, the bungalows sit on the hill and look out over the sea.  
Continue to discover the residence, or visit the villas and bungalows. 

You continue to explore the residence, the horizon widens further, you are in a shady underwood. You are surrounded by the sea.

The pool overlooks the residence, you will spend some of your long days there. Certainly some pleasurable moments.  Totally calm, relaxed holidays.
A dream place for children and parents (mini soccer field, badminton, bowls).


The Pool

From the swimming pool, the view to 180 degrees on the sea calls to daydream or contemplation while some tan or drowsy.

Location de vacances en Corse:Piscine de la Residence

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