Corsica vacation - holidays Corsica

Corsica vacation -  holidays Corsica

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Bavella, majestic and impressive Corsican mountain

The most beautiful views, particularly over Bavella, can be seen from the pass at 1218m altitude, in the middle Regional Park.
It is also the starting point for great hiking for all levels, especially to the curious "hole in the shell." It is also a paradise for climbers of all levels and for lovers of canyoning.
Since the east coast, two roads can be accessed : the D368 from Porto Vecchio via the beautiful mountain of Ospédale and Zonza, and further north, the D268 since Solenzara. The latter, many bends, borrows the valley of the Solenzara with its immense natural pools to rock up to the neck Larone.
Needles of Bavella are still inhabited by a couple of gypaètes bearded, thirty pairs of golden eagles and a host of chocards. It is also the area of argali.
Every year on August 8 to place the pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Snows, the statue of the Virgin, as the faithful around the votive offering. On the eastern slopes subsite the former village of shepherds Conca, who occupied during transhumance. Today is now the village of Bavella summer with his sheep in stone and iron nestled among pine Lariccio.

"Je ne puis regarder une feuille d'arbre sans être écrasé par l'univers." Victor Hugo 
(I can not look at a leaf tree without being crushed by the universe.)

The mountain of Bavella light airplane with Incudine and needles over a sea of clouds

Left needles and the ravine Poliscello right


Bavella under snow in winter


You can even make funny encounters

bavella corse
bavella corse

The cascades of Purcaraccia


"Qui cueille une fleur dérange une étoile" Francis Thompson
(Who picks a flower disturbs a star)

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